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Ammonia Neutraliser 500Ml

Ammonia Neutraliser 500Ml


  • Australian Made
  • 5ml per 20 liters
  • Removes Ammonia

  • Ideal for starting up a tank with the "New Tank Sydrome" and bacteria has not had a chance to develop into nitrifying bacteria to break down the toxic Ammonia into the less toxic Nitrite and then Nitrate.

  • It is also very useful in situations where there has been overfeeding which will also produce Ammonia.

    Dead and decaying fish also produce Ammonia which is one reason where one fish can have a domino effect on the other fish.

    An Ammonia Test kit will identify when it is required or simply add when the above situations happen.

    When testing Ammonia after dosing do not use Nessler Regent Liquid test kits as they will give a false reading and it is suggested to use tablet test kits.

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