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Black Water Extract Water Conditioner 2.5ltr

Black Water Extract Water Conditioner 2.5ltr


Black water Extract


So you've decided to go for the natural south American river basin look for your discus, catfish, apistos, angels or tetras and make your aquarium a black water bio type or you want to make your tank more acidic and induce breeding.

Black water Extract is a specific mix of tannins produced from select extracts. It has also been improved with better water softening properties.

Not only will your fish and inverts prefer the Acidic tannins it also has health properties for a natural medication. Black water extract contains minerals and trace elements.

Black water extract has a two fold effect, apart from containing a pure form of peat which contains Tannin and Humic acids (essential to replicating Amazonian type water), it also has a Calcium specific de-ionizer that assist in softening water. In the process of doing this it also removes the toxic effects of Calcium Hydroxide in Town Water. Because of this profoundly well researched principle of Calcium removal this product is unparalleled by any other of this type.

Size 2.5ltr

Dose Rate:

Start with 10ml Per 20 Litres (Higher dose can be used)

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