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Carbonate Hardness Increaser 250grm

Carbonate Hardness Increaser 250grm


Adds Kh

  • Creates water ideal for African Cichlids and other hard water fish
  • Water Hardener
  • For both marine and freshwater

  • This product is a combination of carbonating ingredients that is designed to safely raise the pH and kH of all types of Aquarium water.

    This also assists plant growth and speeds the process of denitrification by adding essential Carbon Nutrients. Fresh Town water is devoid of carbon because of the addition of Calcium Hydroxide.


    4 grams (half teaspoon) per 100 litres should increase kH by 20ppm approximately

    Both pH and kH should be monitored during increases.

    Dissolve first in a glass of water before adding to aquarium for best results.

    The above results are based on RO and Rainwater - Town water and its additives may produce different results.

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