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Cichlid Growth 2mm

Cichlid Growth 2mm


The pellet is specifically formulated by Ornamental Fish Breeders.

Contains Natural Growth enhancers, Vitamins and minerals for improved appearance, health and uniformed growth.

The pellet has a anti-bacterial which doubles to convert spiking Ammonia into harmless Methenmine, a first in ornamental fish food manufacture. This helps should you happen to overfeed your fish and helps stop the food breaking down into Ammonia.

Vitamin and Mineral Ramped. Extra Vitamins and Minerals are added in manufacture as during the heating process some of the Vitamins and Minerals can be lost so by adding extra into the process gives a well balanced content to the pellet which is also confirmed through the Spectrographic Analysis.

Cichlid Growth pellets are coated with Glucose, Glucose assists with the healthy condition of tank stabilizing bacteria i.e. (Complex carbon replacement to control nitrates).

With the pellet being a Aqua-Cultural Standard it means that it is heavily scrutinised to make sure that it does produce good growth rates as well as it must not contain any nasties or toxins as some Aqua-Cultural fish are produced for human consumption which means producing fish to a premium standard in the best of health.

Most importantly - your fish will love them.....

Ingredients:- Fish Meal, Meat Meal, Wheat Germ, Soy Bean Meal (Heat Treated), Spirulina, Wheat Flour, Multi Vitamins & Minerals, Bakers Yeast, Enzyme, Emulsifiers (481,471)

  • Protein 43%
  • Fibre. 4%
  • Moisture 12%
  • Fat. 5%

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