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Small  Fry Saver Hang on outside of fish tank

Small Fry Saver Hang on outside of fish tank


1.25LTR       Suitable fresh and salt water
It is suitable for both fresh and salt water environment, it can be used to observe the growing process of the shrimps, the parents fishes and the baby fishes to motivate children¡¦s creativity.

1. External Hang-on Breeding House will not disturb the growing environment for the fishes. It is perfect for the beginners to monitor the details and will help to inspire children's curiosity and develop their scientific creativity.
2. It provides a safe shelter for all kinds of little fishes, shrimps, parturient fishes, baby fishes or fishes with weak immunity to ensure them out of the potential dangers.
3. It is space-saving and protects fishes from being injured when the tank is clean during the water changed.
4. It is space-saving and convenient for observing. It can be hang at either side of the tank.
5. Four-water-outlets design reassures a quiet and stable water flow.
6. When the separating board is added, it can be used as a fish tank for Betta.
7. The prior filter sponge makes water more clear and stable(OPTIONAL PURCHASE).

Part Diagram
1,Air Adjustment
2,Air Inlet
3,Water Inlet
4,Water Pipe
8, Partition
9, Water Outlet
10, Cover
11, Fixed Position Knob

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