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Ziss Aqua Breeder Box GL1T

Ziss Aqua Breeder Box GL1T


Breeding Box Aquarium Fish Shrimp Separator EZ Breeder

Ziss EZ Breeders are designed to be placed within your fish tank to separate fish/shrimp fries or juvenile aquatic animals from the rest of your stock. Our breeders are made with high quality/durable clear plastic allowing you to view the growth from the sides with large mesh windows allowing water to cycle between the breeder box and your fish tank.

Our breeder boxes are used by all level of fish enthusiast from professional breeders and fish aquarium stores to fish hobbyist, and is suitable for almost all fish fries with the 2.4L volume providing sufficient space.

Perfect for Live Breeder fish like Guppies 

Size:  5.5" x 5.5" x 5.9" (14 cm X 14 cm X 15 cm)
Volume: 0.63 gallons (2.4 L)

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