Not A Fish O Lee
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Notafisholee Freshwater  1.2 Sinking 500Grm

Notafisholee Freshwater 1.2 Sinking 500Grm


High Quality Aquaculture Based Food 

Water Stable Sinking uniform pellet size 

High Nutritious and Palatable feed for all freshwater Species 

Ingredients  to stimulate feeding response in finicky feeders 

Contains Fish meal , Animal Protein , Plant Protein Meal, Wheat,Fish oil 

Additional Vitamins and minerals to support Fish Immune System and Health 

Crude protein 50%

Crude lipid     20% 

Carbohydrates 9% 

Moisture 8% 

Ash 12%

Total Phosphorus 1.3% 

Digestible Energy 19.4MJ

Very good for fry growth and colour 


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